Ensuring Security and Convenience

Ensuring Security and Convenience

Why Walkers Storage is the Best Choice for Your Vehicle Storage Needs

When it comes to storing your caravan, motorhome, boat, or trailer, security and convenience are paramount. Walkers Storage, a facility awarded the prestigious Cassoa Gold standard, offers unmatched storage solutions tailored to meet your needs. Located in a secure, accessible area, Walkers Storage is equipped with advanced security measures and ample space, making it the top choice for vehicle storage.

Superior Security Standards

At Walkers Storage, your vehicle’s security is our top priority. Our facility boasts 8-foot security fencing and electric gates, ensuring a robust perimeter. With 24-hour HD CCTV monitoring and an advanced alarm system, you can rest assured that your vehicle is under constant surveillance and protection. The Cassoa Gold award (Site Ref OLD0081) we hold is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest standards of security for leisure vehicles.

Diverse Storage Options

We cater to a wide range of storage needs:

  • Caravan and Motorhome Storage: Our hard-standing pitches are perfect for caravans and motorhomes, ensuring easy access and ample space. With a capacity for over 100 vehicles, our facility can accommodate even the largest motorhomes.
  • Boat Storage: Secure your boat with our specialised storage solutions. Our facility’s high-security measures ensure your boat is safe and ready for your next aquatic adventure.
  • Trailer Storage: Whether it’s a caravan/motorhome trailer or a vehicle haulage trailer, our storage solutions are designed to meet specific needs. Our secure, hard-standing areas ensure your trailer is well-protected.
  • Container Storage: Need extra space? Our 20-foot dry storage containers are available for rent, offering flexible storage solutions for both personal and business needs.

Convenience and Accessibility

Convenience is at the heart of Walkers Storage. Our fully hard-standing facility ensures easy manoeuvrability for your vehicles. The electric gates provide controlled access, ensuring only authorised personnel can enter the premises. This seamless accessibility means you can retrieve your vehicle whenever you need it, without any hassle.

Trust and Reliability

Choosing Walkers Storage means entrusting your vehicle to a facility recognised for its excellence. Our Cassoa Gold award is not just a certification; it’s a promise of quality, security, and reliability. Our satisfied customers and their testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to providing the best storage solutions.

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Ready to secure your vehicle with Walkers Storage? Contact us today to learn more about our storage options and competitive pricing. Our friendly team is here to assist you with any questions and to help you find the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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